My wish list for 2011....

Every year when Christmas is over, I get in the mood for change. I normally start looking for some new decor for the house, change the layout of a room or simply start a new collection. This year, I'm going to be scouting for cats. I do not like to do collections with a shelf that holds the whole collection. I prefer to collect the pieces in a way that I can infiltrate them throughout the house so you see the theme, but they go with the decor of where I place them. I was doing some research on the web and here are some that have been added to my wish list for 2011.

I would love to have this one for my masterbath which has these colors in it.

These are just so whimsical and would match several different rooms in our house.

This one is called Romeo and Juliet. I fell in love with it for several reasons. One, because it's Romeo and Juliet and I'm a romance nut. The second is because I have had two cats in my adult life who I had for many years and were very special to me. One was gray and white and once was orange/yellow and white. This figurine reminds me of them.

I am in to anything whimsical now and this gave new meaning to the word "fat cat". I love it.  

These colors are in my bedroom (except the yellow) and this would fit in perfect with my decor.

I just think she is absolutely beautiful. I love the dragonflies on her. My hall bathroom is birds, birdhouses, and dragonflies and has a lot of her colors in it. She would be perfect for that room.
My next item of desire is going to be some more pineapples. Nothing says WELCOME in a home like pineapples. Here are a few I fell in love with.

Then, of course, with January approaching I get in the mood to go to the local Donna Sharp outlet to get my new spring purse. It is a tradition with me and my sister. She comes to town in January or February and we go to The Maple's Tree in Pigeon Forge and in Gatlinburg to get a new Donna Sharp purse for the new year. She hasn't introduced the 2011 line yet, but based on 2010 here are a couple that I'm considering for next year.

I need a new glasses case for my sunglasses as well and she carries those to match purses so I'll have to add it to my "must have" list.

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Rachel said...

Very nice. I really like those. Have a good day!