Pine Cones

When I was a little girl, I always loved the big pine trees at the top of our hill. I was fascinated by the pine cones. At Christmas, I like to recapture my love for pine cones by using them around the house in assorted displays. Thanks to my dear friend, Deb, at Wise Old Owl Designs, I have some fresh pine cones to work with for this Christmas. She collected them for me and I really appreciate it.

I gathered together my supplies. I have had this bowl for years. I bought it at a yard sale for 50 cents. I used 3 picks I purchased at AC Moore for 25 cents each (on sale). I picked out the pine cones I wanted to use. I had some silver and gold ribbon I bought earlier this year at AC Moore, leftover from another project. I had some sugar cookie sprinkles from last year as well.

On a piece of Reynolds Wrap for easy clean up, I squired a small pile of Elmer's Glue and a small pile of the cookie sprinkles. I rolled each pine cone in the glue, then rolled it in the sprinkles. They stick better than glitter so there isn't any messy after effects. I cut silver and gold ribbon and tied it in a knot and hot glued it to each pine cone.

I placed them in a bowl and stuck my picks in and here is the finished product.

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