What lies ahead.....

A new road is opening. It is called the future. 2011 is just around the corner. What will you do with your life? What path will you take?

As we approach the New Year, our minds begin to envision all the things we wanted to do in 2010, but there never seemed to be enough time. We all wanted to lose weight, and many of my friends succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with this resolution. Some wanted to eat better...and did. Some wanted to exercise more...and did.

Some set their goals toward family and home life....be there more for their kids, be more supportive for their husbands.

Some yearned to read their bible more and some wanted to do more active bible studies or become more active in their church.

Some wanted new careers and took steps to pursue their dreams. Some wanted to excel in their current jobs and worked hard to achieve that goal. Some went back to school to earn their degrees and some took chances on new jobs which paid off.

Now that this year is ending, we once again have the opportunity to look ahead down life's road and set new dreams and new goals for our lives. What road will I travel this year? Where do I want 2011 to take me? I'm not sure, but I do know that with God by side, helping me to steer, the road will be a little easier to travel.

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