Why do we blog?

I asked myself one day "Why do I blog?". I enjoy my followers and love when someone leaves a comment. When I started blogging, I wasn't even aware of what a follower was and didn't even know that I needed to check for comments.

As time went on and I learned more about the blogging world, I began to see how much importance was put on followers and comments. I began to feel like a failure since I did not get many followers. I then added a stat counter and realized that I had way more visitors than I realized and even though they are not signed up as followers, I could tell by the stats that many of the same people were come back on a regular basis. Then I became obsessed with reading my stats to see who had been here and where they came from.

You can really become intense on information overload. Then you start thinking: Who is my target audience? What do they want to hear about or see?

Then I went back to the reason I started blogging in the first place. I have always kept a journal, but with the onslaught of technology I found myself drawn more and more to my computer. When I discovered blogging, I realized it was simply a way for me to document my daily life in lieu of a journal.

I realized there is no right way or wrong way to write a blog. There are no secret tips on what topics to write about. Some of my most memorable comments and finest moments have been on blog topics that I just wrote "because it's what I wanted to write".

Do I love my followers? YES
Am I happy with comments? YES

But most importantly, do I enjoy blogging? YES. I finally realized it doesn't matter why I do it or what I talk about, what matters is that I enjoy it.


Deb said...
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Rachel said...

I love your blog too!! Enjoy reading it very much! Keep it going! Love you!

Bee's Place said...

Deb...your email was part of the inpsiration to do this blog. Our conversations always help me put things in perspective. I blog as my journal, but I can't count the times I've started a blog for the day and God has said, "Wait, write this instead." I'm blessed to have the support of my friends.

casiphia said...

I really like to blog but had to step back a bit. My life has gotten busy and I have to keep my priorites straight with Jesus being the driver of my life, so my blogs may be on the back burner for awhile until life gets squared away. Love to read other blogs too.