It's the little things....

There are days that I wake up and just can't believe all the "little things" in my life that get me excited. I love all the small joys that add up daily to make me love my life. I am probably one of the most contented people you will ever meet. But contented is not the best word because that makes me think of something happy, yet subdued. I stay so full of joy and anticipation that I sometimes feel like I could bounce off the walls. The funny thing is that the "thrills" that keep me so joyful are so simple and so plain that most people just consider them mundane, normal things in life. I woke up at 5:00 today...on a SATURDAY! Just too excited to sleep. Why, you may wonder?

Well, it is very simple, I am going to Hobby Lobby today. The new one at Turkey Creek. Now to some you are probably thinking, big deal. But it IS a big deal. I love that place and I only go there occasionally so that it is always "special". But today, they are having some great sales and I have some items on my list that are on sale. Mom is going to make me some new aprons for my apron rack. So I'll get to pick up some material today at some great prices. I could spend days in the material department alone. But I'm also going to get some new beads for my daughter to make me a couple of necklaces. Then I need to pick up some materials for crafts I'm working on.

In the Woman's World Magazine this month, they had this two page spread of neat little decorating ideas. There are some items I need to pick up so I can implement this decor in my house. So that's on my list as well. I'll post pics of them when I'm done.

The other thing that thrills me is a book store (See Bees Book Report). My daughter wants to go to Borders while we are at Turkey Creek. That makes me happy, but I was trying to think of what book(s) I would get and couldn't think of any new ones that were out that I had been wanting. Then I was the reading the new Woman's Day magazine (yes, I love magazines) and lo and behold they had a page that had a book advertisement.

Last year I read a series by Robyn Carr that all took place in a little town called Virgin River. The people were so down to earth and everybody you met in one book kept showing up in every book so you felt like you really knew them. I was so sad to finish the last one. It felt like I was losing friends. Then here I sat, flipping through the Woman's Day and there was an add for Promise Canyon. It caught my eye and lo and behold it said "Robyn Carr continues her beloved Virgin River series." Added that baby to my shopping list.

So anyway, I'm heading into the kitchen to bake some chocolate chip cookies (just because) and then I'm coloring my hair (again, just because). I've got to call Mom for our Saturday morning chat and see how much material I need for each apron.

Then it will be TIME. Time to hit the road and head out to shop.

Then tomorrow Ms. Beth will be bringing me the new spring catalog for 31 Gifts so I can plan my party in February. I have been looking at the "sneak peaks" on line and cannot wait. They have all these neat new patterns and products and some nautical/beach themes that I cannot wait to see. They also have some new florals in pinks and some new whimsical circle/dot patterns. Again...getting a LOT of excitement over something so little.

But that's my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Mary said...

I love Hobby Lobby also...sometimes I think I might just take a "sack lunch" and stay all day. lololo....Hope you have a great day ! !

Rachel said...

Hope you had a great day yesterday! Linda sent me a new 31 catalog in the mail and I love all the new stuff. The patterns are beautiful. It is going to be hard to choose what I want!! Don't forget to post pics of your aprons when Mom gets them done. Have a good Sunday!