The fever.

It was over 70 degrees yesterday and we woke up to 61 degrees this morning. I actually wore flip flops to the store. Now, I've got the fever. The vacation fever that is. I'm plotting and planning. I've been researching hotels for our annual beach trip. Not sure where I want to stay this year. I am torn. I love the place we stay every year. It's older, but remodeled. This is the back yard and the beach view from our room. We are only 2 blocks from the pier and Big Daddy's so I love the location. They are so clean and everybody is so helpful and nice, it's like staying with family. But sometimes I think I want a change since we've been there for 6 years now. But I don't know.

I just know I need a trip. We will probably take a few little jaunts to West Virginia for weekend visits with the family. We have two new babies coming and I'll want to see them. There is a niece and a nephew graduating high school and I would love to attend the graduations. We are planning a huge family get-together sometime in July before my nephew, Jake, leaves for the Marine Corp in August. He is being stationed at Parris Island and will graduate basic training in November. I'll be heading on a trip to S.C. for that for sure.

In the past 6 months, I've held two 31 parties and have accumulated some nice travel totes and weekend bags. I'm ready for a road trip.

But for now, I'll just enjoy my Saturday jaunts to Knoxville for shopping with my daughter. The next few days are supposed to be beautiful


Deb said...
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Beth said...

Have a wonderful weekend Bee. I loved the pic with the road signs. Made me so homesick to see my sister.

WheelchairDecor said...

We're still in the snow and cold for another month or so...buuuurrrrrrrrrrrr.
What a blessing it is for you to be able to vacation and visit so many places. Hope your shopping weekend is fun!
Thanks, Becky Jane

Monica said...

Visiting from Jeremiah 29:11.
Vacations on the coast (any coast)tend to be so rejuvinating. Staring out into the neverending ocean. I'm on the northwest so its cooler, and we live 1hr. away from the Oregon coast, it' my favorite place to vacation. I was just telling my husband last night, we are due. Oh, the feel of the breeze, cold crisp air, and the sound of the waves crashing. Just pack up & start the car, I bet your husband will follow, hehe.