Happy Valentine's Day to our Lord

A special thank you to each of my family and friends who responded to my request for your favorite bible verses. I have compiled a Valentine letter to Our Heavenly Father using words from each of your favorite bible verses I received. May God bless you and keep you in His precious love. This Valentine is to our sweet Lord on behalf of each of you.

Dear Father,

My friends and family have gotten together with me to thank you for your precious LOVE. You have LOVED us so much and provided us with such HOPE for our FUTURE. You send ANGELS to KEEP CHARGE over us and keep us uplifted. Through the reading of your word we find COURAGE, FAITH and PEACE. Like the mighty EAGLE, you RENEW OUR STRENGTH and our SPIRIT so we may SOAR to face a brighter day. You are our POWER and MIGHT. We are nothing without you, God. You HEAL our broken spirits and COMFORT our WOUNDED souls. You are always WITH us. You have told us to FEAR NOT. But so many times we fail you by letting things get us down. We should always REJOICE and keep STRONG in our FAITH. We should give you the GLORY for all the ABUNDANCE you provide us. You gave us the best Valentine the day you sent your ONLY SON to do YOUR WILL. You allowed CHRIST to be BRUISED so that we could have a CLEAN HEART; so that we could BELIEVE in a better TOMORROW. When we WAIT upon you dear LORD, we can be UNAFRAID. In those moments we are truly STILL and allow only THOUGHTS of you to enter our mind, we find such deep REWARDS. Through QUIETNESS and CONFIDENCE we find STRENGTH. We may LABOR on this earth, but we are JUSTIFIED through your Holy name. Our lips should ever EXALT you, LORD. Your LOVE is EVERLASTING. You SUPPLY our every need THROUGHOUT THE AGES. Our Valentine’s gift to you should be that each of us and OUR HOUSE should SERVE you LORD. We are one of the CHOSEN few. You have given us many words of LOVE throughout the reading of your word. You provide us with great HOPE. One of the greatest moments in our lives is that special time when we can bow down on our knees and proclaim that you are MY GOD.

We LOVE you,

Your children


Beth said...

Amen! That was beautiful!

Deb said...
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nita said...

AMEN - Thank you for writing this for us Bee, God Bless - Nita