Beautiful weather...

I'm linking up to Fantatic Friday at Jeremiah 29:11.

On Thursday, it got up in the mid-70's. I changed into my blue jean shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops and headed out back to explore. Here are some of the things I found...

My weeping willow "Prince Will" is starting to look very grand in his regal leaves draping down.

The Bradford pears in the neighborhood are really starting to fill out.

My neighbor planted this yellow bush last year and it is blooming beautifully. I always call this a switch bush because Mom had one and that is where she went to get her switched. She'd peel off the flowers and lay it on the end table and we knew to behave. I don't remember her using it, just the threat was enough to keep us in line. 

My little tea rose bush is starting to be very green. It should be a great year for my tea roses. 

I love the little wild violets that grow every spring. they make me know warm weather is around the corner. 

One of my favorite places to relax in the spring and summer. A good book, a lemonade and the shade of the willow. 

They are still letting water out of the lake so the river is still higher than normal. It goes up and down every day, but it has stayed high for over a week now. This is the view down river.

This is the view up river. 

Hope you enjoyed your spring walk with me. 


Deb said...
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Becky Jane said...

When my kids were younger, one of them asked me why that tree had such long hair... referring to a weeping willow!
Thanks for posting such lovely pictures...hopefully spring will get here soon!
Becky Jane

ropcorn said...

Wow, that looks absolutely beautiful! I definitely enjoyed my spring walk with you. Thank you! :-)