A family affair....

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Yesterday was my oldest grandchild's birthday party. We had a fabulous time. At one point in the evening, I was just watching and listening and I thought about how blessed I am that both of my children married into good families who share the same values we do. My family gets along so well with the in-law families that we tend to mesh into one huge family. In twelve years of marriage for both my children, there has never been any bickering, arguing over who gets what holiday, no "one-upmanship" with the grandchildren. We all work together to insure each side gets to honor their family traditions. I'm very blessed. I tried to get that elusive photo of all five grandchildren. It didn't happen. With it being so beautiful outside, I couldn't get them all to land in one place at one time so I just went around happily snapping photos and took what I could get.

Garret, Shelby, Caleb

Caleb and Colby

 Garret & Shelby

My twins, Diana and Chris with Alexis (my children do NOT look at all like twins, do they?)

Shelby and Alexis


Garret and Caleb

My son his boys

Shelby and her Aunt Jamie, my daughter-in-law. Looks like an intense conversation.

Chris and Colby

Caleb...picture a big ball, three young boys running and a HUGE mud hole....'nuf said?


Deb said...
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joybug56 said...

Hello, we have a mutual friend, Ms Deb...yup she was my first follower when I created my blog and I have fallen so in love with her that it is silly...she is such a special lady and I feel like she and I have known each other all of our lives....Now to your blog....I was viewing all the pics of your grands ..YOU .. are blessed...I have only two grands, Brittany who is now 21 and Hunter who will be 11 this July....I miss the little critters showing up around the house. I enjoyed so much viewing your pics...from the heart of another Nana ...you are a blessed Nana