One life - a little gleam of time between two eternities. - Thomas Carlyle

Definition: Gleam - A brightness in a person's eyes taken as a sign of a particular emotion

What puts a gleam in your eye? What are the "little things" that leave you with a smile, a tear of joy, a feeling that something has touched your heart? Here are some of the things that put a gleam in my eye....
  • The laughter of my grandchildren as they play
  • A small little hand reaching down to pick that first flower of spring and then handing it to me
  • A child's smile
  • The look in my husband's eyes when he watches me
  • The smile of a loved one who hasn't seen you in a while
  • A blessing from an old southern gospel song
  • A card in the mail from my sister
  • A quick note or phone call from a dear friend
  • The suns rays as they burst through the cloudy sky
  • An eagle as it soars through the sky proud and free
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • A hand holding mine
  • A hug
  • The words "Good job!"
  • Driving through the country side with my window down and music blasting
  • A good bargain
  • My mom staying all night and telling me she loves me at bedtime
  • Memories of my daddy
  • Just being silly with my family
  • My children and their family coming to visit
  • The smell of a new baby doll
  • The sounds of the birds on a quiet summer day
  • The ocean
  • The rain on the roof
  • The first butterfly of the season
  • Going barefoot through the grass
Any time life gets to you and you start feeling overwhelmed, just stop and ponder on the things that bring a gleam to your eye. I guarantee it will be a great pick me up.


jamfiescreations1 said...

What a wonderful post. The picture is just beautiful, it would be perfect for my posts on The Beauty The Lord Has Made.

Hope you're having a great day.

Marcello (from Brazil) said...


congratulations for the wonderful blog! It is so nice to come across happy people that makes us happy through, specially in the internet, where everything is so impersonal! Once again, congrats! Keep up the good work!!