One perfect day....

I lost both of my grandfather's at a young age. Grandpa Garretson passed away when I was barely 2 1/2 and Papaw Eden when I was around 5. I don't remember Grandpa Garretson at all, but I do remember a few rare and cherished memories of Papaw Eden. As we get older, we can remember little snippets of time...a touch, a smell, a taste of the past. For some reason, one day stands out in my mind and lives on in my memory.

It was summertime. The windows were all open to let in what little bit of air was stirring. Mommy and Mamaw were in the kitchen cooking. I'm not sure what they were making, but from most of my memories growing up, there was probably chicken being cut up to fry in the old iron skillet, green beans fresh from a garden that has been strung earlier that day and a fresh pitcher of ice tea (sweet, of course). I'm sure Mom had a cake already made, probably chocolate or spice, and peaches cut up in the fridge.

I remember vividly that Daddy and Papaw were in the living room watching wrestling on the old black and white TV. One thing I do remember about Papaw is he loved watching wrestling. I remember going in the living room and them being excited about the match. I remember climbing on Papaw's lap for a few minutes, then jumping down to run back outside. Our tan and white beagle, Lady, would be lazing in the shade of the old oak tree or stretched out in the sun on the front porch.

I remember racing and playing in the yard with Rachel and Jack (Andy wasn't born yet). I remember us hollering in through the screen in the bedroom window. I don't know what we were hollering about, but I remember us doing that. I remember Daddy's smile when I ran back in the house. I remember running through the living room, into the kitchen and back out the back door. I remember Mom yelling out the window to "quit letting the screen door slam". I remember the table holding salt & pepper and a plastic butter dish. I remember a fly swatter laying on top the Fridge for all those nasty flies that we let in by running in and out the doors.

But most of all, I remember love. I remember laughter. And I remember Papaw. Even though I did not get to have him for long, what time I had with him was precious. It's perfect days like that day that makes for the fondest memories.

Take a walk down your memory lane and see what images you can recall. As you do, listen to the song by Wynonna Judd. It was so much like my life growing up that I can't listen to it without it bringing tears to my eyes and memories to my heart.

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