Tuesday Teasers

Back in the heart-throb days of my teenage years, I had many teen idols. Some were singers; some were actors. Some were a little of both. I thought it would be fun to post 10 of my favorite ones I remember from way back when and see who can remember them. You can leave it as a comment or email me at brendakeefere@comcast.net. I would be curious to see who you remember.












joybug56 said...

I agree all heart throbs and childhood buddies of mine also. Davey with the Monkeys was my heartbeat for such a long time as a wee girl of 9.

Linda said...

Out of those ten "heart throbs" as you call them...my favorite was Ricky Nelson. I loved watching him on Ozzie and Harriet when I was a kid.

In later years...I always loved Donny and Marie as a brother and sister team...just always thought they were so cute together.

It is fun to walk down memory lane!


Beth said...

I always loved Ricky Nelson. "They will never be anyone but you" still remains one of my favorite songs.

Deb said...
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