Up a country road.....

In mind, I love to go back in time up that old country road where life was simpler. I was making some lemonade this morning and it reminded me of those hot summer days when I was a young girl. Mom would always make us a big pitcher of lemonade. She would make cheese sandwiches with good old American cheese and Miracle Whip on Heiner's bread. She'd slice up some dill pickles and put some chips on our plate. Sometimes we had plain Snyder's and sometimes it was the Barbecue Snyder's. There was usually a Twinkie or Hostess Cup Cake for the dessert.

But there was always a glass of lemonade or grape Kool-Aid. She used to make us grape Kool-Aid and cut up lemons and put in it. I still do the same today. The taste of grape and lemon together is very refreshing. I like to go to Sonic and order one of their grape slushies and have them put a couple of lemons in it. Takes me back in time.

Once she'd get lunch made, we'd grab one of our latest library books and she'd spread a quilt under the big oak tree in the front yard. We set out there with our picnic lunch and read our books. It's no wonder I love to read. From the time I was six years old, she would take us to the library every week and let us check out books. The school worked with the library on a summer reading program where you got a sticker for every book you read. At the end of the summer, you received a certificate. I remember I always read the most every year of all the other kids in the program. I just love to read. I would even read the back of the Cheerio box at breakfast time, just to have something to read. :)

Such fond memories of some wonderful times. I'm so thankful for life up that old country road. Where loved ones gathered and true friends were made.


Mary said...

I really enjoyed your post today...lots of good memories....My SIL always combined different fruit with kool-aid. She mixed one of the flavors (I just can't remember which one) with pineapple juice, it was yummy...


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