Sentimental Saturday

A pictures worth a thousand words...or in this case a thousand tears. My cousin recently posted some old pictures on Facebook and there were some I had never seen before. When I opened the folder and saw this one, I bawled like a baby.

 A million memories flashed back. This was the back porch at what we all called "The Old House". Memories of summers spent playing under the weeping willow (yes, that is where my love of willows comes from). Memories of chicken frying in the kitchen, sweet tea in the pitcher, and Mamaw making us Inky Binky Boos from Papaw's work socks (they are now known as sock monkeys, but Mamaw had her own version and every grandchild had one. That's my Papaw on the left. He died when I was only 5, but I do have memories of him but nobody has very many pictures so this one just took me by surprise. That's my two aunts up in the chairs. Frances on the left and Mary (Dee Dee) on the right. The woman setting beside Papaw is my precious mother. Of course, if you would look close at her feet, you can tell we are related.....FLIP FLOPS. How funny is that? I forgot about her love of "floppies" until I saw this.
I can imagine this day in my mind. I bet they had been inside doing dishes after a big family meal. To escape the heat, they went out to the back porch. Notice Mom still has her sweet ice tea with her. Us grandkids (would have been 9 of us at that time) were probably out in the yard running and playing or on the front porch, playing house and pretending we were the "Rimmer Girls". They were neighbors of Mamaw's that were in high school and we adored them. I always had to be Mary Jane because she was so beautiful and cool. I still see the Rimmer Girls when I go back to West Virgina on visits. And we always laugh about growing up. Oh, such precious memories.

This next picture is Grandma & Grandpa Adkins in their early years. They were Mamaw's parents. My first thought when I saw this was that Grandpa looked a lot like Matthew McConaughey. :)

She posted many more and they all brought a tear or a smile to my face. But Blogger is being tempermental today and won't let me post. It keeps locking up. So I'll save more for another day. In the meantime, I'm going to spend the day today making memories for my grandbabies. We are taking all five of them to the Deer Farm and Petting Zoo in Sevierville. They will be able to get right in the pen with the deer and feed them from their hands. They can also get in the goat pen and play with the baby goats. I just have to remember to pull the girls' hair up on their head. First time we went there, Alexis had two pony tails and when she bent down to pet the goats, I noticed one was chewing on her hair. We had to wrap the pony tails up like Princess Leah buns on side her head. Don't worry I'm armed with bobby pins today for her and Shelby. Then after the zoo trip, my son's three will be spending the night. It's the first time all three have spent the night since Colby was born. He will be 7 months old tomorrow. It will be the very first time that all 5 of my grandchildren will get to go to Sunday School and church with me. I am so excited about showing off all my beautiful babies at one time. I'm pretty sure that singing in the choir in the morning is not going to be an option. :)

I hope everybody has a blessed and wonderful weekend.

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