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Back with the bargains....

My friend wanted me to go with her to the Donna Sharp Outlet Store today. I was just tagging along to look; not to buy. As we were checking out, my friend noticed some cute throw pillow cases and said I needed them for my beach room.

I took one look and fell in love. A quilted Donna Sharp pillow is around $36.00, but these were just the cases and were on clearance for $5.00 each. So I bought two and brought them home.

Aren't they so beachy and summery?

Then I dug in the back of the closet where I had placed the two throw pillow when we bought our patio swing, since I didn't want to use them on the swing, but never throw away pillows because you never know....

I slipped the pillows inside the quilted covers and tied the cute little ties on the back.

And ended up with two absolutely gorgeous pillow for the couch in the beach room for only $10.00.

You gotta love a good bargain! (And, to my sister...NO, you can't have them for your camper.)


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

Haha - Love the sidenote "no sis, you can't have them"

Mary said...

What a great find! Ten bucks, WoW..They are so pretty..))smiles))

Rachel said...

Yes I do need those pillows for my camper!!! They would look great!

Bee's Place said...

Well, Sis, you are going to love me then because I went back to the Donna Sharp Outlet yesterday and bought a set for you.