Beyond Exhausted....

One of my favorite lines from The Cosby Show was when Cliff came home from a long delivery shift, he fell on the bed and said "I'm old, Clair. And Clair, you're old too." That's how I feel today. I am beyond exhausted. Just two more nights of VBS to go, IF I survive. I was able to have a clear calendar today so I'm going to play hookie and go to Walmart with hubby and let him buy me some KFC for lunch before heading back to the church tonight.

I did spend some time outside this morning and it has helped rejuvenate me. I had a fuzzy little friend relaxing with me.
The morning mist was hanging heavy on the river this morning. It was so peaceful. The birds were singing and chirping. I just sat and did nothing. Then I grabbed the camera and video taped my morning of solitude and thought I would share it with you.

I dedicate this peace and quiet video to my dear friend Missy who has shared our nightly adventures in VBS. (make sure you have your volume on to hear the beautiful birds)

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MissyMcM said...

Thank you for the video, for all that you do, for being my friend.