Happy Father's Day.....

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband who has always been there for our family. Without his wonderful cooking, our kids would have starved over the years...okay they wouldn't have starved but their menu choices would have been hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, meatloaf, grilled cheese, peanut butter or fried eggs. So Happy Father's Day to the King of the Kitchen. Thank you for being a great dad.

Happy Father's Day to my son and my son-in-law. They are both great fathers and I hope they enjoy this day with their family. My son has blessed us with three beautiful grandchildren and my son-in-law has blessed us with two beautiful grandchildren.

(My son, Chris)

(My son-in-law, Michael)

I wanted to get a shot of the grandchildren with everybody smiling and co-operating. But I had to settle for some smiles, some distraction and one little girl who kept wanting to escape. Out of 5 attempts, this was the best I got before Baby Colby decided he had had enough and puckered up for a good cry.

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy. This is my 12th Father's Day without him. I miss him so much. I can still remember his laughter, his smile, his caring, his love. I miss you, Daddy. Happy Father's Day.

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