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Obsessed with vintage kitchenware...

My sister and I have become obsessed with vintage kitchen items such as Pyrex, Corelle, McCoy, Homer Laughlin and so on. She is constantly emailing me items she has found in her cabinets that fit in with our new obsession that she had forgotten she had. So I decided to go through my cabinets and see what pieces I might find that were from "yesteryear".

I found these bowls that I forgot I had. I'm sure everyone recognizes the big yellow bowl. In the 50's and 60's most homes had a set of these. The yellow was the biggest, then they dropped down in size with a green, then a red, then a blue one.

I found these old platters that we have had for years. The bottom left corner is a Homer Laughlin (which is the creator of Fiesta ware). It belonged to my husband's grandmother.

The pitcher below is a McCoy 7007. Back in my teen years, my cousin and I pooled our money and bought this for our Mamaw Eden to make ice tea in. When Mamaw passed away, I was given the pitcher. The blue plate was from a collection you could get at A & P grocery stores when my kids were babies (over 30 years ago). I got 2 plates and then our A & P closed. Every time I eat Franco American Spaghetti O's, this is the plate I use. (yes, I still love my Spaghetti O's) That is the only time it is ever used. Not sure why.

These are some odd and end restaurant quality pieces I picked up over the years at the Rebel Dish Barn in Sevierville, TN. These are some of my favorite pieces that I use the most. They are all made by the Howard Laughlin company.

What are YOUR favorite vintage pieces?


Rachel said...

Takes me back in time!! I remember that brown pitcher so well. I love those platters. I think I have one like the homer Laughlin one. Back to the cabinets to search some more. Lol!

Mary said...

I remember the your collection. I have some Autumn Leaf from Jewel Tea packed up somewhere..You have inspired me to look for it..))smiles))

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

My dad worked for Hall China (across the river from HomerLaughlin) for 30 yrs, so I am partial to that. A funny tradition that people from that area all do... When we sit down at a restaurant, we pick up or plate and look at the stamp to see who made it...