Pass the Faith, please....

As we walk through our daily lives, we encounter many people who can be a source of inspiration, a guiding light. It can be through deeds they do, prayers they pray, or simply a kind word. When we reach the lowest low and aren't sure what to do next, if we trust in God, He will put us where we need to be and provide us with the words we need to hear.

It is important that we be there for each other and that we continue to share God's Word, helping others to see the grace and mercy to be found at the throne. I think we should all participate in Passing the Faith.

If you see someone who is struggling or suffering, stop and give them some words of encouragement. Show them what a difference Faith can make in their lives.

Today's story of someone Passing the Faith, is from my dear blogging friend at
Dancing Again. Please visit her blog and read the story of how she recently guided a friend through some troubling times by Passing the Faith. You can read her story at A Plea to Christians.

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