Road trip....

There is nothing that compares to a road trip. Loading up the car, hitting the open highway, rolling down our window and letting the radio blast with the Eagles singing "Take It to the Limit".

How many times in our lives do we venture out into the unknown, armed with our map or GPS and a sense of adventure? How many times do we head off to new territory for vacations or weekend getaways so we can get rejuvenated and find peace and calm to weather the storms of life? How many times do we struggle with daily problems that cause us to say "I need a vacation"?

Why do we feel like we have to "wait" to find that rest and relaxation; that sense of peace and calm? We have the best road trip at the tips of our fingers any time we want it. We can pick up our bible and read the words of God. We can find adventure, peace, comfort. We can escape our little world and read the loving words that can guide us to that peace and calm we are searching for. 

Our bible should become our GPS, our roadmap, our guidance center. We should spend more time in God's word to find the solutions to our problems and complaints. We need to depend more on God to provide us with a constant happiness and a constant peace. If we can do this, we would not have near as many moments where we would have to say "I need a vacation." 

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