A rose by any other name....

According to Holiday Insights today is National Red Rose day, although they say the day does vary according to who you ask. But we will stick with their thoughts and honor the rose today. My mom had a beautiful rose bush when we were growing up. This is a blurry picture but here is the only picture I could find of it.

Yes, that's me and yes you may laugh. Check out the crazy clothes and the pony tails, not to mention the silly "look at me" pose. I was 16, what can I say. Anyway, I digress. The rose bush was so pretty and it grew to be huge. It inspired my love of roses.

In honor of Red Rose day, I thought I would post what the individual color of roses represents.

The red rose represents love, beauty, courage and respect.

The white rose represents purity and innocence. It also represents reverence and humility.

A pink rose represents appreciation, admiration, gratitude, grace and perfect happiness.

A yellow rose represents joy, gladness, friendship, delight; the promise of a new beginning.

The orange rose signifies desire and enthusiasm.

I present to you, my faithful followers, this assorted bouquet of roses, representing my love and respect for each of you and my enthusiasm that you each have a life filled with joy, love, gladness and friendship.

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Beth said...

Lovely roses Stephen. Your little garden is doing you proud.