Upcoming projects....

It all started with my new pillows for the beach room. The room has went from a beach decor to a country decor and now I want it back as a beach room. Right now, I have a couple of these sconces hanging on either side of a picture. My new room is going to be light greens, blues, tans and white for the ocean. First thing, I'm going to do is paint these sconces.

Next, I'm going to get a wreath and some material and try my hand at a rag wreath. I love this one I found at Sandy Paw's Shop on Etsy.

I'm going to get a couple of shadow boxes and do this was some of maps of Myrtle Beach and Panama City Beach, my fave vacation spots.
Saw this in the All You magazine. I tested it out and the tea candles don't set level because of the arch in the bottom of the jar. I'm going to use some ribbon to go with my beach colors and put either sand or shells in the bottom of the jar so I can level out the candles.

I keep seeing shelfs and mantles with star fish on them. I have one and a friend is bringing one back from the beach. I'm going to get a shelf at AC Moore and spray paint it and incorporate the star fish and a few more items on it to keep up with the beach theme.
I would love to hear any ideas or see any links that would give me some more decorating tips for the beach room. 


Leslie said...

I LOVE the map idea!!! Do you have any oars.. I bought a pair on ebay for 20.00 and painted them and tied some old boat rope around them ~ they turned out very pretty. If you look at Pottery Barn .. they have lots of pretty nautical inspiration.
I used to work at AC Moore ~ another fun place to shop : )

Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

YES, I love the map idea too! I've also made rag wreathes before, super easy... My only tip is to be aware of what the fabric looks like on the underside. It will show a little.

Rachel said...

Love the map idea. That is so cool!! Your room is going to look so good. Can't wait to see it in person. The wreath is going to be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine made a gorgeous flag using starfish as the "stars":

Anonymous said...

Not sure about the Family Dollar in your area, but the ones where we live have a lot of beach themed items. You might want to check it out.