What a bargain....

One of my obsessions is Staples Office Supply Store. I'm especially a fanatic about notebooks that can help you get organized, with To Do Lists, Projects, Priorities or simply a place to jot notes. The new ARC customizable notebook system is amazing. Instead of rings, the note book consists of disks. The filler sheets have "holes" that are open on the left side so they just snap down over the disks, making it easy to remove, change or move around your pages.

I am a Staples Rewards Card holder. I went online to print my rewards and found that I had purchased an HP Cartridge last month that gave me double rewards so I had a rewards coupon for $5.00 and one for $6.25. Wow, $11.25 to spend at Staples.

I went straight to the notebook section and that is where I saw the ARC notebook system.

So I purchased one of the 5 x 7 notebooks (by the way, these have the benefit of folding back and laying flat like a spiral notebook, but allowing you to remove and add sheets like a ring binder)

I purchased a package of the small task pad that goes in the front for a place to jot quick tasks that you can see the minute you open the book.

It came with a set of the regular pages, so I purchased a set of the To Do List Sheets and the Project Planner Sheets.

The one I bought also had 3 colored index tabs, plus a pocket folder and a business card holder, all which just snapped into place.

So here is everything I purchased:

Package of To Do Sheets ..... $2.99
Package of Project Sheets ..... $2.99
Package of Task Pads ..... $2.99
One Notebook ..... $7.99

Product Total ..... $16.96 + $1.65 tax = $18.61

Less 25% coupon off any ARC products -$4.25
 Less my Rewards Coupon ..... $-5.00
Less my Rewards Coupon ..... $-6.25

My cost? .... $1.46 + .14 tax = $1.60

A savings of $17.01

Does it get any better than that? Now you know why I love Staples!

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Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

I am a total sucker for notebooks and tote bags... Love your notebook.