An awesome discovery.....

It is official. I think I am going to be a regular customer at the Turkey Creek Public Market in Knoxville, TN. There is absolutely something for everyone under one roof. I wanted to just walk around camera happy because it was so new and exciting. But I got so wrapped up in the wares they offered that I kept forgetting to snap pictures. I did manage to grab a few to share with you today.

Lots of antique items and lace doilies in this shop.
I will definitely go back to this next one. I fell in love with the embroidered towels. Did I buy any? No. I was so overwhelmed with how gorgeous they are and where would I put them, that I couldn't decide on any. But at $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00, you can bet I'll be picking some up in the weeks to come. Sounds like some good giveaways and Christmas gifts to me. What do you think?
Hind sight is 20/20 and I fell in love with these little guys. Wish I had just bit the bullet and bought them. Even if I gifted them at a later date. They were just too adorable.
 There were lots of antique booths. You had to watch though. I found some that were price gougers and some that were very inexpensive. One lady had a McCoy pitcher for $10.00. I saw it somewhere else for $30.00. 
 There was this neat sauces, salsas, and pepper products. Talk about variety.  
Nice Amish booth with lots of butters, jellies and jams.  
 I fell in love with this sweet girl and her booth. I could have spent all day in there. More to come on her later this week. Stay tuned...especially if you love beach decor.
 This was a booth for different types of professional photo framing. But I just love how the booth was decorated. Isn't this a cute idea.
 We visited the Farmer's Market and I picked hubby up some heirloom tomatoes, fresh peaches and cucumbers that he said were the best he's had all year.
 Sometimes, if you spend enough time in public, you see something that just makes you scratch your head and say, "Really?". This lady caught my eye and I was like "Is is 1960? Where oh where did I put my shindig boots." My daughter tells me this is the new rage in style. Well, guess what, I will remain hopelessly OUT of style. Can I get an amen?
The highlight story of the day and the thing that made the trip well worthwhile happened in this very booth.
 I have been wanting to start a collection of antique or unique perfume bottles. As I'm starting down this aisle of glassware, I see a lady kneeling at some bottles and yes, they were perfume bottles like I was wanting. There were two of them. She picked them up and continued on her way. I was so upset to have missed them by mere seconds. I noticed as she was looking, she would sit them down and stare at them like she was indecisive. Then start off, only to pick them up again and take them with her. Well, my daughter being the great girl she is, decided to stalk the lady around the store until she made her mind up. I continued looking at the glassware when my daughter alerts me to the fact that the lady left the store...without any purchases. She directed me to where she was last seen and sure enough on the shelf was the perfume bottle I had been wanting.....for just $4.00.
I love it. But here's the neat thing. My daughter was going to just pay for it with her purchases and let me pay her back. When we met up, she said the lady kept having trouble with the register and finally got everything rang up. My daughter questioned her because the price didn't seem right and the lady assured her it was. When we got in the car and she was checking the receipt, the lady had rung my perfume bottle up for 4 cents, not $4.00.

What an awesome day!


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

ohhhh i can't wait to go check that out! Looks like a lot of nice, neat things!

Rachel said...

What an awesome place. That is definately my kind of shopping. Next spring when I make a trip down we will have to go there. I would want to go every weekend if I lived down there. I saw some wonderful things I would love to have in the pictures. I bet you and Di had a great time. Love you!