Hmmm, is it Monday AGAIN?

Where did the weekend go?

We've had a guest fisherman all week. He must be new to the neighborhood as I've not seen him before. The road beside our yard is an old boat ramp so we occasionally see people down there fishing. I don't know if he caught anything but he spent most of his day there just enjoying the river.
I got up early Saturday to get ready for my Thirty-One party and decided to make some brownies. I used a Pillsbury mix this time instead of Duncan Hines. I also made a cake earlier this week using Pillsbury instead of my traditional Duncan Hines. End result? They were both okay, but I won't make that mistake again. Don't ever let anybody ever tell you that all box mixes are the same. They definitely are not. My Duncan Hines products always turn out super moist and taste home made. Both the Pillsbury mixes were a little on the dryer/denser side and tasted exactly like a store bought mix.

 But we did have a great party. We had lots of laughter and great food. We played some games and got some good bargains.
 Our consultant, Beth, is so wonderful to work with. She really knows her products.
 Check out another of my flower pots that I did NOT plant anything in this year. Not sure how I can kill house plants, but I can grow flowers without even planting anything. Go figure.
 Yesterday afternoon was so freaky. I was in the back yard. When I turned toward the sky in front of the house, I saw this.....
 But if I turned toward the sky in the back of the house, I saw this.... 
About 20 minutes later, the skies opened up and we got a downpour including hail and it quit within 10 minutes and we were back to blue skies all around.

I saw this cute little joke this morning that somebody posted on my Facebook and it is just too cute not to share. So, I'll leave you with a laugh...

A husband reads a book titled "You are the man of your house!" After finishing it, he swaggers up to his wife and announces, "From now on you need to know I'm the man of the house. My word is LAW. You WILL cook and clean for me.You WILL go upstairs and give me the kind of sex I want. Afterward, you WILL draw me a bath, wash my back and massage my feet. Oh, and guess who's going to dress me and comb my hair in the morning?" The wife replies, "A freaking funeral director would be my first guess!"

Have a great Monday!

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