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Mason Jar Madness

I am in awe of all the different ways people are decorating with mason jars. This cute bouquet with apples just looks so September"ish". I love it. Here are some other ways of using mason jars that has caught my attention.


Lucky Wife/Bookaholic said...

My Father in Law just gave me 3 beautiful blue mason jars, all different sizes... Thanks for this, I have been trying to decide what to do with them, that won't distract from their simple beauty.

Norma said...


Norma said...

I like the new look!

Mary said...

I love mason jars...I thought putting pictures in them was awesome! !

Rachel said...

Very neat ideas. I like the idea of them in the craft room with craft stuff in them. I think I will try that. I like it because its a simple and cheap idea and very country!