Sentimental Sunday

 I am so sentimental. Little things can trigger the fondest memories. Here are some of the little things that mean a lot to me because of the memories they evoke.

Handkerchiefs - My Grandma Garretson always had one tucked up under her watch. She was never without a hankie.
African Violets - My Mamaw Eden always grew African Violets. They were gorgeous. She had a multitude of colors and a green thumb.
100 pennies - Grandma Garretson would come to visit and she would have 100 pennies rolled up in a handkerchief and we would all gather at the kitchen table while she counted out 25 to each of us kids. Then we would all walk up town and get 25 cents worth of penny candy.
Peppermint Sticks - The old fashioned ones - Grandma Garretson would always bring a box of those to us every time she came to visit.
Ice Tea - You never, ever went to Mamaw Eden's house that there wasn't a pitcher of ice tea in the fridge.
Playing Cards - Mamaw Eden always loved to play Rummy and Rook with us; but Grandma Garretson didn't believe in any card games so we had to hide the cards when she came to town. I remember Mamaw didn't like to play Rook with my baby brother Andy when he was first learning because he would always grin and say "I got the birdie" if he got the Rook card. Of course, this is the same small child that sat in the living room when Grandma was visiting and just as bold as could be asked, "Mommy, did we hide the rummy cards?" I thought Mom was going to die.
Spanish Peanuts - My daddy loved Spanish peanuts. He would go to town and get some at the peanut store fresh and hot. I remember one Christmas a few years before he passed away, he sent my brother and I each a can for Christmas. I put mine up, but my brother came to visit and said he had eaten his could he open my can. I said yes and noticed him digging through the peanuts. Daddy had hidden $10 in Jack's can and he was going to see if there was $10 in mine and have a little fun with me.
I could go on and on. I just love when little things can bring us such fond memories.

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Rachel said...

I love those memories!! Our two grandmothers were very different but very cool in their own way. I loved everything about both of them! Miss them so much! I love the story about Dad and the peanuts! Dad loved his little practical jokes! More memories please!! Love you!