Christmas already...Seriously?

Have you noticed that Christmas decor gets earlier and earlier every year. I went to Walmart one day last week and went into the Lawn and Garden area to look for an indoor flower pot for an ivy plant. Low and behold, there was one tiny little section with a few pots. The rest of the entire lawn and garden (except for grills on sale) was filled with Christmas paraphernalia.

When you walk in to Walmart, they have a big add about Christmas layaway for toys and electronics starting on October 17th. Which, by the way, I am all for.

A few days ago, Black Friday posted their first Black Friday ad and received their annual cease and desist letter to NOT post the Walmart ad until Walmart releases it to them "officially."

Now, I am a huge fan of Christmas and I get very excited at this time of year. I start planning on Christmas crafts and Christmas gifts. I start thinking ahead, but I really, really would like to at least get through Halloween first. But on the flip side, I do like my Black Friday ad sneak peaks.

If you like Black Friday and like to get an advance notice of what's going to be happening, here are some things you may want to check out.

First, the BEST and most accurate site is www.BFads.net . It post the individual ads as a PDF you can view or a list by category per store. Many of the items on the list have a camera you can click to view the item. I also like this one because you can create a free account with your email address and ad items to your shopping list. Then all you have to do on Thanksgiving is print out the shopping list to know what to look for on Black Friday. They usually also have sneak peak items that you can purchase online at great prices.

I also did a "Like" on their Facebook page so I can get notices when they post new ads. Here is a link to their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BFAds

If you have an Android phone, go to the market place and search for Black Friday. There is a free one called Black Friday App (by deal news apps). The ads are shadowed and when they show up in full color that means they are posted and you can click on them and view the ad.

Leave it to me to know the best places to find the Black Friday ads! Even though I still think it's a little early for Christmas.



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