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I was just complaining yesterday that the stores already have Christmas trees decorated in their windows and Christmas items on sale in the store. I wish they would at least let us get through Halloween. Then it hit me, I'm just as bad. I've been accumulating patterns and ideas to make some homemade Christmas crafts this year. So I got to thinking about it. If I want to make crafts for the holidays, I usually decorate on Thanksgiving weekend so I will need to have them done by Thanksgiving. Which means I only have four weekends to buy the stuff and work on the projects. Since I have plans for 2 of those weekends and it's just too hard to do crafts after working all day, that gives me two weekends to make Christmas crafts. So maybe it's not such a bad idea to get started on Christmas before Halloween. Here are some of the items I would like to choose from when I decide what to make.

How precious is that? It is just rolled felt using a glue gun. Simple. I let the kids put up a tree in my home office every year and I thought these would be some great decorations to put on it.

I'm going to get Christmas scrapbook paper and make hands of the grandkids, hole punch the palm and put yarn through the hole to make some more Christmas decorations for their little tree.

I have a very precious friend who is going to crochet me this little wreath. I think it is adorable. I want it to pin on my coat for the holidays.

I don't have a stair case, but I think this garland is pretty neat. Of course I could do it with just NOEL and hang it above a door or something. I'll have to think about that.

Another very easy craft to make. I'm thinking about making some of these without the band and using them as filler in a basket of pine cones. We'll just have to see how it looks before I decide.

If I make this little bird, it would be out of red felt for a cardinal and then have a little spring of holly or a green button where the wing connects. Just thinking about this one.

These little snowmen made from jar rings are just adorable. They appear to be very easy to make. Felt is so cheap and you can make so many crafts with it. I have the rings already here left over from apple butter jars over the past year.

Well, that's it for now. I'll let you know what I get made as we get closer to the holidays.

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Debbie said...

All of these are adorable. I know what you mean -it seems as if each year the Christmas stuff comes out earlier and earlier. I would be fine and happy if I didn't see one Christmas decoration in stores until after Thanksgiving.