It started with a sock....

It all started with a sock. It was unexpected. We were moving the last piece of furniture into place. When my husband pulled the bottom drawer out to make it easier to move, I noticed this little blue sock on the floor. I bent down and picked it up and the memories washed over me like water running down a mountain stream.

As I held that little sock in my hand, I could see his little smile as I bent down to get him out of his crib. I could smell the baby lotion I used every time I gave him a bath. I could feel the warmth as we cuddled in the rocking chair when he took his bottle.  I could picture the little curls in his hair that would get even curlier in the humidity of summer.

I remember the little giggles as he learned to walk and talk. And I remember the special language he shared with his twin sister as they would crawl around the house playing hide and seek behind the end tables.

I remember how proud he was when Papaw would let him go up to the building with him and would give him pieces of wood to nail and paint. I remember him coming down from the building and presenting me with a special little project he had painted and nailed for us. I still have it.

I rembered all the years, all the love, all the hugs and all the kisses of that dear precious little boy that God gave me to love. I remember his little hand holding mine and I remember when he replaced my hand with the sweet girl that was destined to become his wife.

The memories made me search further in the drawer and I found his first pair of shoes and one of my favorite outfits I put on him when he was just a couple of weeks old.

And I remember him bringing his first son, my first grandchild, for the first visit to Mamaw & Papaw's house. And I remember dressing his son in that same outfit and taking tons of pictures.

The years have gone by so fast. He is grown now with two sons and a daughter of his own. He has grown in to a wonderful father and a loving husband. It has been over 30 years since he wore that little sock. But as I sat in the floor and held that sock and thought of my beautiful little baby boy that wore it, I couldn't keep the tears from falling. 

For though I love the man he has become and am so proud of him, my heart wants to keep him as my little precioius baby boy. He stole my heart the moment I first held him and he still holds it today.

My dear son, I hope you know how much I love you.


Rachel said...

How neat! Didn't I buy him those shoes?

Mamaw's Place said...

Yes, you did. Right after he was born. You bought them and that little denim bibs with the red bandana designed shirt.


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