Monday Mayhem....

It's Monday. I can't help but wonder what this week has in store. I've had so much going on lately that I could use a breather. I feel like I've been going around in circles for about two or three weeks.

The move went very smoothly and we are getting everything put where we want it to go. Still have about 12 boxes left to sort through, so some things may change where they were put as we finish up. But I did find time to bake a cake yesterday. Had to try out the new oven. It was sheer perfection. As a matter of fact, I think that will be breakfast this morning.

I am beyond thrilled that we were able to find a place for the bakers rack. I was worried that it wasn't going to fit, but couldn't face getting rid of it. It's not completely done the way I wanted it yet, but this is it for now. I'm hoping to obtain some old Pyrex bowls on my next antique shopping day so I can incorporate them into my kitchen.

My wine rack fit beautifully in the corner of the dining room section.

Check out my Heritage Lace curtains. I have a dear friend who invited me over to view her leftover stock from when she owned a lace store. I have fallen in love with my curtains. I just can't quit looking at how great they turned out.

Found a great home for my dessert cookbooks where I can get to them easily and browse over recipes for the upcoming holidays.

I used the Tiara pattern for curtains in my living room. I think they look so old-fashioned. I love them. Things are slowly starting to shape up.

I have a few little "settings" that just thrilled me the way things came together. This is one of my favorite flower arrangements and it paired perfectly with my teapot and this antique tea cup.

This little shelf is full of momentos and old book. I was pleased with the finished project on it.

On a side note, check out my new Scentsy candle burner on the left. I am going to order a few more to go around the house. This was the first one I ever got and wasn't sure I would like it. The smell is so soothing, but not overpowering like a lot of burners are.

My guest bathroom had this cute little cabinet and it was a wonderful place to display some of my "blue stuff" that I had.

You know I love "theme" rooms. Well, the beach stuff I had will be in the beach room, which will be the kids' toy/tv room. My office/craft room is going to be my "hearth and home" room. It will have sections that will pay honor to family, home, and love. I put my country decor on this short wall and am very pleased with it. I need to find a couple of those skinny little candles that the pair is attached by the wick so I can hang them on the pegs of the Welcome picture my mom cross stitched for me.

And what is more fun then having a spot leftover that you have nothing to put on it. The timing couldn't be better. I have a trip coming up soon to Beaufort, SC and I am planning on hitting the antique shops for some inspiration on what to put on this shelf. I'm thinking it would be a great place for assorted vintage stacking bowls, but I'm keeping my options open.

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