Nine miles of bargains....

Today is going to be a great day. I wish all my followers who like thrifty finds could come along for the day. I'm going to the 9 mile yard sale on Hwy 411 (Old Newport Hwy) in Sevierville. It starts at 8:00. I'm not sure how many booths there will be in all, but I imagine there will be a lot. Most of the businesses on that stretch of highway are providing booths, bays or tents for people to set up in. All proceeds from the booth fees will go to support the Shriner's Hospital. Frazier's Lumber has around 30 booths leased out. And that is just at their business. We still have the rest of the 9 miles to learn about tomorrow. One lady posted about her booth on Craig's List. She said they had so much stuff they were overflowing.

I have quite a few items on my "wish list" for tomorrow. Things I'm looking for that I don't want to pay a fortune for. Here's a few of the items I'd like to find....

A toy box for the grandchildren's toys.

A vintage cookie jar

Glass Sugar and Cream set
Luigi Bormioli Michelangelo Sugar and Creamer Set
Ivy Curtains

Quilted Valance that would go with any of the patterns in my quilt and pillow shams

Short, long wicker baskets

Hope I find something good to share with you.

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