A Saturday night and four cakes

A friend of mine recently gave me a starter and recipes for Amish Bread. There are many different types of Amish Bread recipes, but this bread is more like a dense pound cake.

The starter is stirred daily for 10 days and you "feed it" on two of those days. On the 10th day, you have four cups of starter which can be used to make the bread. Each starter makes 2 loaves. You can save some starter for yourself, give it away to friends and family or you can do a mixture of both. With my four cups of starter, I kept one so I could make more cake in 10 days, I gave one to a friend and I made 2 different recipes. So now I have four loaves I can enjoy.

It is very simple to make and you don't dirty half your dishes in the process. You just need 2 mixing bowls, a liquid measuring cup and a dry measuring cup, teaspoons, a spatula or spoon and a mixer. Well, of course your loaf pans.

I opted to make the cinnamon sugar cake and the lemon cake. It is so simple because the basic recipe is the same and you just change out your flavoring. For example, the cinnamon has 2 packages of vanilla pudding in it. On the lemon, I switched that out for lemon pudding. The cinnamon has vanilla extract and I put lemon extract in the lemon. The cinnamon has a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon as a coating on the top. The lemon has raw sugar as its topping so it provides a little crunch.

I put a little twist on one of my cinnamon ones. After I filled one of the loaf pans, I added some Pampered Chef Sweet Apple Sprinkle to the mixture for the other loaf pan. I added it in the batter itself and in the cinnamon brown sugar mixture as well. The result was a nice cinnamon apple flavor. I tried a piece with warmed caramel topping on it and it was delicious as well.

Now I'm excited for 10 days to be over so I can experiment again. I know one of the next batches is going to be an orange loaf with orange glaze.

I'll keep you posted.

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