What a Wild Wednesday....

After waiting for two weeks and setting among boxes and packing supplies for 10 days of that time, we got the call yesterday that the new place was available. We cleaned all day and checked out all those minute details we didn't notice when it was still being occupied. They were coming last night to shampoo the carpet.

Did you ever notice that you may THINK you are an observant person, but then you realize you are not? Well, I've always KNOWN I'm not the most observant person in the world.....but how in THE WORLD did I miss the fact that the master bath has not 1 BUT 2 sinks in it. It's a His & Her's sink. And the neat thing is they are  not side by side. The master bath is an L shape with a corner tub and a sink on each side of the L. Each sink has it's nice roomy cabinet, a long countertop and mirror with lights. It also has a stand up shower. So, of course, I laid claim to the side of the bathroom with the corner tub and sink and hubby gets his big shower and own sink. He's happy. I'm happy. What's not to love about that?

The other thing I failed to notice were these

Well, actually, I did notice the cabinets themselves, I'm not THAT unobservant. But what I failed to notice was I now have some space on top of cabinets to display any antique bowls or collectibles of kitchenware. I have longed for that for many years. I'm so excited to finally have the opportunity to be a "cabinet top collector" even if it's just on one set of the cabinets. We are going from having just a total of 9 cabinets to have a total of 13 cabinets and TWO full size pantry cabinets. I am loving it.

All in all, it was a great day yesterday. The cable man is coming today and tomorrow the official move begins.

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Norma said...

Now I know why I missed you last evening. You are so busy, busy, busy, more than you usually are. Rest once in a while.....