Another Holiday....

....at least it is a holiday for me.

Birthday Cake

It's my 55th birthday. I don't know when a person officially becomes "a senior citizen" but back when I was 18, the magical number was 55. In our area, you get food discounts once you hit 55 and a lot of the stores give senior discounts to those 55 and over.

Recently, I was at Pizza Hut with my granddaughter. I had
not colored my hair for awhile so the gray was showing through. The waitress handed me my ticket and said "When you go pay, just tell them you want the gray haired lady discount." I wasn't happy with the insinuation that I was "old", but hey it was 10% and a discount is a discount. So I took it.

Age is an interesting fact of life. I may be 55, but some days I act like I'm 25 and some days I feel like I'm 95. Of course, if I'm in one of my "pouty" moods, I probably act more like I'm 5. If you average those out, I'm only really like 45??? Sounds like a good theory to me.

I go at high speed all the time. I have got to learn to slow down some or I'll never make it to 65.

Some women dread hitting 30. Some dread turning 40. I have never had a particular age that I was upset when I got there. Each year is a celebration of one more year on this earth.

But last night, as I was watching TV, it hit me. I don't want to be 55. I want to stay 54. Or better yet, I want to do the the time change thing and set my clock back about 15 years. My daughter voted yes for that idea since it would make her 21 again.

But alas, I am 55 and there is nothing I can do about it. And as I rolled out of bed this morning with an aching back and arthritis in my knuckles, I once again am mad at 55. I guess it's going to be a love/hate relationship all year.

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Beth said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope it is one of the best days of your life.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ms. Brenda. HOPE your day is full of lots of blessings! And 55 isn't so bad....those Senior discounts are great!!! ;-)

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!

I'm rapidly sneaking up on 55 and I'm with you - it's not my friend. I try to remember the old saying "never complain about getting older ~ there are many that are denied the privilege" but some how I still have a problem with it :-) Like you say - it's a love / hate relationship!

Thanks for joining the Train!

Rachel said...

I am 56, so I have had a whole year to get over being 55! It's not so bad! Love those senior discounts! Happy Birthday, Sis!! Love you!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday =)

Tammy Doane said...

Happy Birthday!