Busy, busy, busy

Christmas is getting closer and closer. I am so far behind this year compared to other years, but I am not at all stressed about it. I have a plan. As long as I have a plan I am good to go.

This season has been different than past seasons. I normally have a mixture of committments from December 1 until December 24. They are usually spread out, allowing time for shopping and wrapping in the beginning of the month through till Christmas Eve. I have already been to nine functions since December 1st. I have five more between now and the 15th. Then I'm done until the 24th. I've been picking up a few little gifts here and there, but plan on doing the balance of my shopping between the 17th and 22nd. I love my busy schedule. It keeps me in the Christmas spirit.

Speaking of busy schedules, my sister had a moment to stop by the blog today and to send me some photos of a couple of new Christmas items she has this year. I thought you might enjoy them.

She got this adorable Christmas cookie jar at Krogers. She had looked at the normal stores you would shop for cookie jars at and I am sure she was amazed to find what she wanted at her local grocery store. He sure is a cute fellow.

On her last visit down, I was showing her my new Scentsy candle and we were talking about them. Look at the little snowman she ordered. His hat holds the warmer tarts. I just love this. May have to order me one.

I love Santas and Snowmen at Christmas. Here are a few of my favorite snowmen I sit out every year.

What "theme" items do you like to put around your house at Christmas time?


Rachel said...

Snowmen will always be my favorite!


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