The Great Debate

Tonight is our Secret Sister dinner and gift exchange. I am signed up to bring a dessert. I don't know why I continue to do this to myself, but I have a bad habit of jumping in with "I'll bring a dessert."...only to worry at the last minute with "What should I make?"

Now I know it is perfectly acceptable to run by the local market and grab something from their bakery, but I just do not have it in my genetic make-up to do that. You will notice at the top of my blog I say something good is always baking in the oven. Well, that is just about true. I love desserts and there is usually a fresh one on the counter or something in the oven or ingredients in the cabinet awaiting their turn.

There in lies my problem. It's not that I can't decide what I want to make; it's that I simply can't narrow it down. I have so many wonderful recipe books and I have tried and true recipes that I've made for years and years. I hate putting it off to the last minute because then I'm tempted to go with quick and easy instead of 100% homemade and absolutely scrumptious.

I know it won't be cookies. I am going to get enough cookie baking in the next couple of weeks just preparing for Christmas. A cake is just so normal unless I can find a recipe of a "to die for" cake I haven't had before. I do have a recipe for a triple layer iced brownie concoction I have been wanting to try. Also a nice pan of gingerbread with some cool whip might be good since it is a holiday.

I just don't know. I've got about 6 hours to make up my mind, check my supplies and make a dash to the store for extra ingredients before I have to start baking. So if you have any brilliant ideas for me, please comment and let me know. Until then, I guess I'll just keep pouring over the recipe books looking for inspiration.

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