Happy Birthday to my Twins

My precious babies are having a birthday today. 34 years ago today God blessed me with the most wonderful gift a person could ever receive....one of each....my son...my daughter. And to get them both at one time was so amazing. I had no idea I was even having twins until they arrived. I still get giddy when I think about it.

They were so sweet and loving. I look at pictures of them at this age and wonder where the years have gone. I miss having them as little ones, but no matter how old they get, they will always be my babies.

I could sit down and go through old photographs for days. Just looking at some of the precious moments of them growing up. My daughter, my first born.

I still feel my heart tug when they smile and I recall all the many memories of those precious little faces smiling up lovingly at their Mommy. My son, my baby.

They still share lots of smiles and lots of laughter and I love them both so much.

Our babies may grow up, but we are blessed that they have remained close to us and have given us even more babies to love and cherish. I see so much in my grandchildren that are little copies of my kids at those ages.

So as I reminisce about that very special moment in time when the doctor said we had one of each, I want to take a moment to wish them both a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my twins, Christopher Shawn and Diana Lynn. I love you very much and hope you have a very blessed day.


Rachel said...

That was a nice trip down memory lane! How shocked we all were when you came out of delivery with 2 babies instead of 1! We were shocked again when we found out we had a boy and a girl! Happy Birthday to Shawn and Diana!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday to Shawn and Diana. Lovely tribute!!

Sandi said...

"I had no idea I was even having twins until they arrived"

I suppose that was before everyone had ultrasounds? :-) What did you do? I guess you had to just get another crib!