The process of a picture

I had an absolutely wonderful time at dinner with the family last night. As usual, I had my trusty camera and whipped it out to take some shots. My granddaughters were beside me so I aimed at them first to capture those two precious faces. I would see beautiful smiles and sweet little faces...until I clicked the button. Once the little light goes to flash, Alexis kicks into her "wide eyed" mode. Shelby, of course, had to turn around and see it.

So I tried again only to get wider eyes and a head that ducked out of the picture.

Tried again, but the faces just get funnier.

Not to be beaten, I tried once again. Bound to get a great photo of the girls. Only to get that lovely funny face and one who turned away....again.

So I begged for them to give Mamaw a good smile ... with no wide eyes and I got a bunch of giggles and this shot.

Finally, I got one of Alexis's million dollar smiles with the pretty eyes and Shelby ended up turning away.

So one more time and Alexis turned away and Shelby gives me a crooked grin. I gave up on the girls and just took what I could get. They are still precious even if they like silly photo faces.

I decided to just capture the two older boys while they were not looking. A lot easier to avoid the funny faces if nobody knows you are clicking.

I figure the key to photographing grandchildren is to just point and shoot and hope for the best. 

You can always count on Colby for a great picture because the camera fascinates him. The only problem is, he usually smiles AFTER the flash goes off.

The key is to snap quickly between the flashes.

This one turned out good except my angle was picking up a glare from the water glass. But like I said before, I'll take what I can get.

By this time, he was over it and ready for his drink

Oh, well, I'll just hope for better at Christmas. I want a really good one of all 5 of them together, smiling angelically. Well, a grandmother can dream can't she?

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Rachel said...

Dream on Mamaw! Pictures are still good anyway!