The UN-decorating dilemma...

I couldn't decide when to take down the Christmas decorations since we normally do it on New Year's Day. But that is a Sunday and I refuse to work like that on a Sunday. So we decided to take them down last night. Everything is restored back to order. I love waking up to a clean house.

I did make some changes in the kitchen. When we moved in a couple of months ago, I put away a lot of my French Country style decor and moved into light greens and blues. I haven't liked it at all. So I brought the burgundy and cream tablecloth back out.

I had some lace curtains I wasn't using so I put one of the valances in the kitchen window and got rid of the blue and green valance.

I put my vintage Pyrex, my roosters and sunflowers back on my wine rack and hung a couple aprons on the ends. I'm loving the new look.

I still need to do some work on the bottom shelf, but I'm loving the little red wagon to hold the spare aprons.

I'm keeping my wicker baskets and old pottery pitchers on the top of the cabinets to add to the French Country charm.

Here's a close up on wine rack. I hung some vines of grapes under the top shelf. Grapes just say "French countryside" to me.

Now I just need a huge braided rug to go under the kitchen table.

Well, I'm off to get things ready for tonight. Hubby and I will have finger foods, assorted cheese and crackers, and fruits while we play our annual game of Monopoly for New Year's eve. No parties or travels for us. We enjoy just spending it together the same way for the last 30 years. Everybody stay safe tonight as you ring in the New Year.

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Leslie said...

Hard work!! I love the new clothe and valance..it makes undecorating more fun when we have a few new things to put around the house.
Have fun with monopoly tonight....what a great way to ring in the new year.