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My Sis. Yes, Rachel has commandeered my blog for the day. Please welcome her as she visits with us.

I thought I would stop by your blog today, Sis, and show you some of the signs I have around the house. I love signs. Here they are. These two signs I found last week at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  The Country Living went in the kitchen and the Home went in the sewing room.

 These are two of my favorites.  Do you recognize these, Sis?

I sure do remember them. I bought them in the Home Decor section at Smoky Mountain Knife Works. They match my kitchen decor now so I should have bought me some back then.

Here are some more ...

This one says it all.

We want to thank Sis for stopping by and sharing her signs with us today. Leave her a comment and say hello if you'd like.

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