Going back in time.....

There are so many things that trigger memories of home and growing up in the 50's and 60's. Here are some things that always take me back in time.

We had an old formica table and chairs a lot like this one. Only the chairs had the same pattern as the table (I think).

Mom had the entire set of these. She had the wood spice rack with all the little people faces on the spice jars. It had a wooden fork and spoon that hung on the side of it.

Mom used to have Stanley Parties and this was one of the hostess gifts she run. It hung over Daddy's chair for years and years.

She had a set of these on her dresser, one on each end. I grew up thinking you had to have a matching set of lamps on your dresser, and I still do.

She had a set of these mixing bowls. I have a yellow one that my hubby had when we got married. My sister has two of them and we are both trying to complete a set. Mom always made peanut butter cookie dough that you had to chill for three hours in the yellow bowl. The red was always for making her homemade chocolate cake icing and the blue was for cornbread. Rachel and I cannot remember what the green was for and neither can Mom.

Oh, how we loved Tupperware. Mom had a ton of the stuff. She may still have some of it for all I know. I used to have this pitcher and this set of bowls, but through all the yard sales phases of my life, I have sold many things I regret getting rid of.

My aunt Louise had a set of these. I don't believe her pitcher looked like this. I think she had the short stubby round pitcher, but I couldn't find a picture of it. But I loved drinking out of these aluminum glasses. It kept your drink so cold.

Oh, my how telephones have changed over the years. I miss our old black rotary phone. If I pass one in an antique store, I just have to pick up the receiver and dial it for memories sake.

And what teenage girl didn't dream of having her own princess phone.

Of course, it was so unique when you could get a wall phone in your kitchen. Wow, we were so impressed. I remember Mom bought an extra long cord for the receiver and we would stretch it around the corner into the little room Dad had built on the back of the house so we could talk in private.

 And do you remember the old refrigerators with One door. Then you had a drop down or swing out plastic door for the freezer. There was never enough room in the freezer for hardly anything.

Mom had one of these wringer washers. Well, actually I think she went through two or three in my lifetime before they got city water and she was able to get a "real" washer and dryer. I was married by the time that happened. Prior to that, it was the old wringer washer, a galvanized tub on legs to rinse in and then hang the clothes on the line....even in winter.

 Oh, what a wonderful walk down memory lane. I for one am glad that we now have cell phones and that refrigerators have bigger freezers.


Rachel said...

I wish I could go back in time to the 50's and visit. I would l would l love it. I was born too late. Darn!

Rachel E. said...

Hey, I am stopping by your lovely blog. Wouldn't you know it, your first post is wonderful. I love looking at all the old things. Some that I grew up with. We had the tupperware and my mom has my old white hobnail lamp. My grandma gave it to me and I guess I didn't know a good thing. I think I may have to steal it back from her. She took all my hobnail. Yep, what was I thinking?

Anne said...

I do remember how wringer washer and put rubber diapers through that wringer diapers and explodes and I ruined a couple of shirts
Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts?