Love is in the air....

...and on the table, in the store, just about everywhere you look. Here are some items of "love" I have around the house. This is a tin that was full of Hershey kisses from my hubby about three years ago. I keep it on my night stand..full of Hersey kisses. One of my favorite chocolates.

When I got to church last night, there was a gift bag from my Secret Sister from church. In addition to an adorable card, I had a pair of Valentine socks, a sweet little inspirational book and this little Valentine box full of .... you guessed it ... Hershey kisses. Told you they are my favorites.

And Valentine's day is not complete unless I consume tons of conversation hearts. If you look closely, you will notice there are no oranges. I go through and pick those out and put them in a candy dish on my desk to make sure I get all the oranges. I know that sounds selfish, but I love the orange ones. I'm not sure why I do this though because I'm the only one that eats them.

At our WMU meeting at church the other night, Ms. Janet surprised us all with this little treat box full of miniature candies. It was a good think too. I missed the soup and dessert the youth were serving because I was running late. When I walked in WMU, I was complaining about being hungry and Ms. Janet gave us our surprises early so I could munch. We love her!

My sister sent me some photos over the weekend and she shared with me this new table runner she had Mom make for her. These table runners are a new thing Mom is making for holidays. I am sure we will be seeing a St. Patrick's day one really soon.

This last Valentine's day decor gave me an idea. This is hanging over Sis's Kitchenaid Mixer. I remember back at Christmas she had a Snowman towel hanging over it. I have the same mixer and I always see cute holiday towels and say I have nowhere to hang them. I'm thinking I may have just found a spot.

And in my bedroom, I have this cross stitch piece hanging on the wall. It was the very first thing I ever cross stitched. I did it for hubby in 1981 before he was my hubby. This was my Valentine's Day gift to him and it was also the day he proposed to me.

That's my Valentine's day tribute. I hope there is lots of love being sent your way today.

Today I am riding the Tuesday Train



Becky Jane said...

I love being remembered on Valentines Day...looks like you have lots of sweet friends!

Tiffanie said...

happy Valentines Day