Sending some flowers your way....

God loved the flowers and invented soil. Man loved the flowers and invented vases. 
(~Variation of a saying by Jacques Deval)

My sister and I both love flowers and vases. Sis stopped by the blog for a visit today and here is what she had to say...

I am stopping by the blog today to show some of my old flower vases.  I hope you are having a good
day today, Sis.  I hope you are still keeping an eye out for my red and green bowls I need to complete
my pyrex primary bowl set when you are out and about. 

Now for the vases.  The blue swan one I got at Jeannie's yard sale. 

This isn't a vase, but do you remember making these for the kids?

The other one Dad bought me from McCroys. Remember that old store. We loved it, didn't we? 

Thanks for stopping by, Sis. I love the vases. Yes, I remember cross stitching those pillows. The material was called hopscotch material. I wish I could find it again and do some for the grandchildren. I do remember McCroys. I loved getting there before they opened and have hot Ward's donuts and a cup of hot chocolate. Your vases are gorgeous. The Fiesta Ware outlet in Kodak has some of those. I need to stop in a pick me up a few. Here are some of the vases of flowers I have around the house.

Hope this brings a little spring fever to your life today.


Becky Jane said...

Especially like your sister's round pink vase and your blue/gray grasses! My sister is a vase collector! Spring is just around the corner!

Rachel said...

Love your vases too! I would like to have some more fiestaware vases. I love them.

Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

Such a pretty collection!! I bet they make you smile every day! I love filling my house with things that make me smile! :)

Thanks SO much for linking up!!


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