What it means to be "sister"sick....

Being sister-sick is a form of homesickness. In 1988, we moved from West Virginia to Tennessee, just about 5 hours away. My whole family still lives in West Virginia. I try to go in several times a year and they try to visit me several times a year. But I sometimes still get homesick.
But yesterday, I was definitely sister-sick. I was missing my Big Sis so much. It was pouring the rain and really gloomy. I didn't feel like watching TV or reading a book. I couldn't get into crafting or working on any projects. So I started prowling around the house and got to thinking about my sister and missing her so much.
I was looking at some pictures of us at Panama City Beach and wishing we could be walking on Shell Island like we did before.

Or getting ready to eat on the pier at Pineapple Willie's as we watched the sun set over the Gulf.


Or maybe I wouldn't be missing her so much if she was here visiting with me. We could have some tea or hot chocolate and discuss our current books we are reading.


Or maybe we would be looking at some old pictures and reminicsing about the good old days.

Or we might be talking about Daddy and how much we missed him. We might be reliving some of those days of him stopping by to watch the boys play baseball at the ball field. 


Or we might just spend a quiet evening watching TV and crafting, just enjoying being sisters.


Beth said...

Now after reading this post I am missing my WV sister so much. It has been 1 & 1/2 years since I have seen her.

Rachel said...

Ok, now I am crying! I miss you too! This is my favorite blog you have ever written. I just love it. I have my sisters holding hands on my entertainment center and a picture of us at the beach in my bedroom. I also have the things you have cross stitched me throughout the house. One of the samplers says it all. " I'm glad you're my sister. I'm glad you're my friend.".

Mary said...

It must be wonderful to have a sister. I have 3 great brothers but alas, no sisters. Hope you get to see her soon. :~)

Leslie said...

I haven't seen or spoken to my sister in about 2 years. She just dropped out of my life. I miss her too.
I hope you get a chance to hang out with your sister soon!