Wishing I could crochet....

I come from a long line of crocheters. My Mamaw Eden, my mom, my sister, my cousins. But me? Not so much. Oh, believe me I would love to. I would love nothing better than setting down with my favorite thread or yarn and crocheting to my hearts content.

But alas, it ain't a gonna happen. Mamaw Eden decided to teach me how to crochet one time. It was not a pretty site. I always thought she had the patience of Job, but I truly tested that patience. Everything I did curled up like the finger of a glove. I can do a perfect chain stitch and create the beginnings of a beautiful project....I just never figured out how to turn around and go the other direction.

Oh, I have tried many many times. Mom has tried to show me. Rachel tells me it is easy. I watch them and it does look simple. Until I try to add a row or go back in another direction. Forget it. I even watched a how-to video on You Tube with step by step help on crocheting. Nope. Couldn't get it. My IQ is 142 and I pride myself on learning new things with ease. But I am a crochet moron and just will never be able to make those lovely pieces like the rest of you.

If I can't even master a dishcloth with basic crochet there is no way I could ever make a beautiful doilie. Mamaw Eden was so talented and mom inherited that talent. They were always making doilies, fancy potholders, rugs, afghans.

I remember Mom having a bunch of pot holders similar to these hanging across the top of the wall over the kitchen cabinets.

If I could ever learn to crochet, I would make one of these soap covers. Aren't they lovely. I especially like the pastel one. I'm going to see if I can find where anybody sells these on Etsy.

Remember when crocheted toilet tissue toppers were all the rage? Mamaw made us some crocheted dresses and put them on dolls like this, but they were to set in our room, not on tissue rolls. Mine was pink.

Speaking of tissue toppers, check these out.

Mamaw also made each family a tissue topper poodle. She made some soap covers to but I can't recall if they were poodles or turtles.  

If I could crochet and was an expert, I would definitely make myself one of these tissue toppers. It would probably be the one dead center or the one on the bottom row, far left. I would make them in soft lavenders and white. I'm going to have to poll my friends to see who I can hire to make me one of these lovelies for my bathroom.

Oh, and dear sweet sister of mine, I could use one of your dishclothes in lavendar and white. She makes the neatest dishclothes. I use them for so many things besides just doing dishes. I like to have her color co-ordinate them with rooms. That way when they come out of the laundry, I put them back in the room they go in. I have one for cleaning kitchen counters, one for wiping down bathroom sinks, one I only use with Mean Green to clean any tough scuff marks or spills on the kitchen floor. I love them.

Alas, if I could just learn to crochet I could make my some myself. Maybe someday.


Tiffanie said...

I wanna learn how to knit! There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest that I wanna try!

Rachel said...

This blog brings back memories. Mamaw Eden crocheted me a turtle soap cover in lavender and white one time. When I got married Shirley Anderson crocheted me the poodle over the toilet paper in pink. It sit on the back of my commode forever. Wish I still had those. I'll get started on your dish cloths tonight. I think I have the color you want in my stash. Love you!

Leslie said...

Gosh.. they are all beautiful. I can crochet a dish cloth or a scarf. That's all. : ) Do you have a michael's arts and crafts nearby? We have crocheting classing there.
Have a great wednesday.

Custom Crochet said...

Hi, thank you for featuring my crocheted soap dish. I was just checking google and saw your lovely blog featuring them. So many beautiful items!

Cynthia Clark said...

Never say never. I'm 58 and recently taught myself to crochet watching crochet guru on You Tube. I can finally make my own without hitting up friends to make me things. lol