Stuff I found this week...

When I was out and about this past week, I found this cute little milk glass bud vase for .99 cents.

Yesterday, I found this little pitcher and bowl for .50 cents at a yard sale. It is filthy. I'm going to need to soak it to get it clean, but I still love it.

My daughter gave me this cute basket. Well, actually I asked her where she got it and kind of hinted that I needed one so she gave it to me since she didn't really use it for anything.

Hubby surprised me on our anniversary with a pretty springy top that is purple with daisies on it. This ring matched it and for only $1.00, I snatched it up at a yard sale.

If you are in Walmart or your local grocery store today, check out the novelty ice cream section. Good Humor has developed York Peppermint Patty Ice Cream Bars. Oh my, sheer heaven.

I'm trying to decide how bad I want these shoes. I love the look, but not sure these old legs could stand the strain. But they would just be for church and they would be so cute for summer. It depends on how tall that heel actually is. So we shall see.

Womens American EagleWomen's Miles Espadrille Wedge

Saw this top the other day at Walmart and thought it was very cute. May have to make a trip back to get one. Of course, I would never wear the scarf, but I just love the nautical look of navy and white.

Well, I'm going to close for the day. Not sure what all I will get in to before the day is out.


Some lovely ladies...

Have you ever heard of Tassel Dolls? I came across one recently and wondered what they were. I tried to do some research but it is very limited and what I found was vague. If you have any history on these dolls, I'd love to hear about it. I did see that they originated in the Victorian era when wealthy home owners used these unique dolls to hold back their curtains, thus the name tassel dolls. Apparently they have porcelain heads and arms, but there body is simply comprised of tassels that hang and cover a stand that holds them up. They usually have lots of beading and frills. I found some that really caught my fancy.


The Paragon

I featured some dresses yesterday that are just gorgeous. Several of you asked where I found them. I thought I would share the site with you. It is The Paragon.com . I found it when I was searching for an Easter dress, but it is a site that offers more than just dresses. Here are some of my favorite items from their site.

I fell in love with this tablescape. Isn't it just the picture of spring.

What girly-girl wouldn't love this bedroom. My hubby would have a heart attack if I did the pretty-in-pink theme to our bedroom, but I do love it.

I have a couple of sets of nesting dolls and nesting cows. I must have the nesting cats. Too cute.

What a unique jewelry organizer.

Oh my, how pretty. Could be a good addition to my lavender bathroom.

I have always loved the look of crystal but this takes it to new heights.

This would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone special. It has a matching pin.

Cutest Easter basket and eggs I have ever seen.

Since I am a bag fanatic, this caught my eye. Not fond of the pattern, but love the idea of the purpose.

Here chicky, chicky, chicky. How cute is this?

I am a key ring nut. I love finding unique and different ways to carry my keys.

I love this chest. Don't have a clue where I would put it, but I like it anyway.

These crystal flowers are so pretty. A touch of spring year round.

I bet this tee dress would be so cool and comfortable. They have it in sepia and blue as well.

This would be a pretty wreath for January when snow is all around.

I hope you saw something that caught your fancy. You can order a catalog by visiting their site at www.theparagon.com .


What I like Wednesday...

I am still on the fence about Easter apparel. I think I have decided to go with one of my outfits from the past couple of years. I may splurge on a new pair of shoes, but only if I can find what I like. I did some "window shopping" on the internet and found some really cute dresses and shoes. If I stumbled across anything like these in a store, I would definitely rethink my plan not to buy a new Easter outfit.

I love all the dresses paired with the shoes I found that I would wear with each dress. But of all of them, this is my absolute favorite dress and shoes together.


It was 31 years ago today. I got up and started getting ready. I put on the special dress I had bought for this momentous occasion. He showed up at my door in his Plymouth Volare looking so fine that it just made my heart leap with joy.

We got in the car and headed toward the WV Turnpike to take us to Pearisburg, VA.

From: Barboursville, WV To: Pearisburg, VA

When we arrived, we went to the medical facility to get our blood tests done.

We had to wait about an hour for the blood work to be completed, so they suggested we go to Pizza Hut and have lunch.

Once we ate, we went and got the results and went to the Giles County Courthouse to apply for our license.

We were asked where we would like to be married and we said a Baptist Church. We were sent a couple of blocks over to the Pearisburg Baptist Church where we were married by the Rev. James O'Rourke.

After we were pronounced man and wife and my hubby kissed his new bride, we headed back home to start the rest of our life.

Thirty one years later and I still love him as much today as I did then. Happy anniversary to the love of my life.


Being blessed....

Being blessed means having five grandchildren. I love them each so much and they all have such unique personalities. Being around them is always a barrel of fun. On March 17th, Garret turned 13 and we went to my son's house for a birthday party. Here are some pictures my daughter and I snapped that day. I took my camera, but she had forgotten extra batteries so we just used my batteries in her camera and kind of shared the picture taking process.

Garret getting ready to open presents.

Garret and Caleb, cousins. They are both getting so tall. Garret is already as tall if not taller than me and Caleb is catching up fast.

I wonder if he even noticed little sister Alexis was helping him blow the candles out.

Cousins Caleb and Alexis. Hard to believe there is just 16 months difference in their age.

Watching Garret open his presents.

My twins. Hard to believe they are in their early 30's and still had to eat at the kid's table. :) Trust me, it was their choice.

Colby wasn't too interested in the present opening until the tackle box came along with all those interesting goodies inside.

His birthday was on St. Patrick's Day and Shelby gives new meaning to the phrase "Kiss me, I'm Irish."

Note to all....Do not leave a cupcake unattended when Colby is around. Shelby got up to go outside and Colby just stepped right in and finished her dessert. You can tell by the smile that he was pleased.

Shelby letting Aunt Jamie clean her up so she can go play.

The girls. The sun was kind of bright so I had to hurry and snap this one.

Garret was hiding out enjoying his new DS game. 

Colby checking out something up above...

...This is what he was checking out.

I love this picture. I just want to hug him to pieces. He is such a cutey if I do say so myself.

Mamaw's girls.

As you can tell, we had an awesome time.