Being blessed....

Being blessed means having five grandchildren. I love them each so much and they all have such unique personalities. Being around them is always a barrel of fun. On March 17th, Garret turned 13 and we went to my son's house for a birthday party. Here are some pictures my daughter and I snapped that day. I took my camera, but she had forgotten extra batteries so we just used my batteries in her camera and kind of shared the picture taking process.

Garret getting ready to open presents.

Garret and Caleb, cousins. They are both getting so tall. Garret is already as tall if not taller than me and Caleb is catching up fast.

I wonder if he even noticed little sister Alexis was helping him blow the candles out.

Cousins Caleb and Alexis. Hard to believe there is just 16 months difference in their age.

Watching Garret open his presents.

My twins. Hard to believe they are in their early 30's and still had to eat at the kid's table. :) Trust me, it was their choice.

Colby wasn't too interested in the present opening until the tackle box came along with all those interesting goodies inside.

His birthday was on St. Patrick's Day and Shelby gives new meaning to the phrase "Kiss me, I'm Irish."

Note to all....Do not leave a cupcake unattended when Colby is around. Shelby got up to go outside and Colby just stepped right in and finished her dessert. You can tell by the smile that he was pleased.

Shelby letting Aunt Jamie clean her up so she can go play.

The girls. The sun was kind of bright so I had to hurry and snap this one.

Garret was hiding out enjoying his new DS game. 

Colby checking out something up above...

...This is what he was checking out.

I love this picture. I just want to hug him to pieces. He is such a cutey if I do say so myself.

Mamaw's girls.

As you can tell, we had an awesome time.


Creations By Cindy said...

Adorable grands. A blessing is right! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Becky Jane said...

Beautiful grandkids. They look like such a fun group...even your twins know how to still be kids...LOL


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