Easter Craft Projects

I love the fact that I can find things that are simple to do for my Pinterest Challenges. It makes me feel more productive when I can actually take my pins and create something that makes me happy. I actually have two challenges to share with you today.

Challenge # 1

The first is my Easter Egg Floral arrangement. I ran to Walmart and purchased a vase, some eggs and some flowers. The flowers were for a couple of other projects as well, but just counting the ones used for my challenge along with the eggs and vase, I have about $7 or $8 in the project.

I laid out what I had purchased along with my scissors and wire cutters.

I opened the eggs and placed them in the vase.

I then placed cut the flowers I wanted to use and placed them inside the vase.

Do you remember my pink bunny for $4.50 from my last antique run? Well, I placed it and a chicken salt dip I already had beside the vase on the kitchen table.

And this is now my Easter centerpiece on the kitchen table. I may need to get some more eggs to add since the vase was a little big than I thought it would be. But I still love the way it turned out.

Challenge # 2

The second challenge was an adorable Easter Egg wreath I had seen on Pinterest. It was probably the easiest craft I have ever made. Walmart supplies include two dozen plastic eggs, green floral wire and a roll of ribbon of your choice. Total cost was $5.97 before taxes. Armed with my supplies and my trusty wire cutters, I set to work.

Make sure you get the eggs with the holes. I just unrolled a foot or two of wire, but don't cut it yet. that way the eggs will slide down and stop at the wire package, preventing them from sliding off the other end.  Plus you can unroll more if you need to. Open up your egg and run the wire through the bottom right hole...

And through the top left hole...

Snap it closed and let it slide down your wire.

When you get done, clip the wire and tie two or three knots real tight to pull the eggs together in a circle. (sorry I forgot to take a pic of this step) Cut some ribbon in whatever length is easy for you to work with when tying. You can trim off excess later. I cut mine at 7" and didn't need to trim it any once it was tied. 

Figure where you want your ribbon based on how many ties you want. I did four and placed them every third egg, starting from where I tied the circle. Place your ribbon underneath the two eggs you want it between.

Simply tie the ribbon in a knot between the eggs. No need to double knot. If you want little bows, you could do that as well, but I want just the tie.

Once you have completed that (I did 4 ties), cut a longer piece of ribbon to make a bow for the top. I was going to get wire ribbon and make a fancy bow, but decided in this case simple was better. Tie your bow between the two eggs where you joined the wire.

Make a look out of the wire that is tied together.

When you hang it up, because the wire is flexible, it will automatically shape in an oval, egg like shape. If you want a perfect round circle, you would need to use a stronger wire. This was the look I saw on Pinterest. I could not be any happier with the results. It is just adorable, affordable and so cute. Not bad for a 15 minute craft project.

I was in a decorating mood so I pulled out the Easter Egg apron Mom made me last year.

I also unpacked the Easter Egg tea for one. I put some yellow flowers in my new little milk glass vase and put them on my rack.

I hung the apron on the shelf to add to the Easter mood in the kitchen.

I had some leftover pink flowers that I inserted into my daisy planter. Some leftover eggs went into a little candy dish with a piece of the pink ribbon tied around it. I put this on my file cabinet to make my office more springy.

And what started all this energy to do some crafty for Easter? My niece Amy. I showed you her vase centerpiece recently. Now she has a new table runner with Easter eggs all over it. Isn't it adorable.


Beth said...

All projects look very nice!

Creations By Cindy said...

Love all your projects. The vase really is a cute idea! Might have to borrow that one! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Becky Jane said...

Easter is such a fun time to decorate! Your decor is lovely! I especially like your little pink antique chick!

Amy said...

You did great!!

Tiffany said...

love them all!!!