Happy March 1st

March. It is finally here. Will it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb? Last night, we had some pretty rough winds and rains coming through. Of course, most of February was filled with rough winds so not sure if that bodes well for March or not.

Time to move out of winter and into spring. Time for rebirth. Time for spring cleaning. Yuck, not so sure I enjoy the spring cleaning part, but I do love spring. But I do love watching my trees come to life at the new place. I just wish I knew what they were. I first thought they were dogwoods. Then I started thinking they were Bradford Pear. Then a few days ago, the buds looked like they could be Redbuds. Then yesterday evening I was back to thinking dogwood and now this morning I leaning toward Bradford Pear. Help. I'm getting impatient to know what they are. We have three of them in a row and we moved in last fall when they were just dead leaves. The tips were really deep red/pink now some are white. Can't wait to see what we get.

I visited the website of bizarre holidays and observances to see what is going on for the month of March. Did you know that March is....

National Peanut Month (support your local peanut farmer and buy a bag of nuts)

National Kite Month (no that doesn't mean you can tell somebody to go fly a kite, it means we should literally all go fly our kites.)

Optimism Month (and I'm sure the pessimist among us are saying, "No it's not.")

Sing With Your Child Month (I like this one, all though my children are grown. Not so sure they want to sing with Mommy anymore.)

National Umbrella Month (I have a question. If April is so well know for showers, why is March Umbrella month?)

And my favorite. One I am sure all of my fellow bloggers will love NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH. Woo hoo!

This first week of the month is Write a letter of Appreciation week. Allow me to start.....


That is my letter of appreciation. I appreciate yoU. I appreciate you for being such faithful followers and for your wonderful supportive comments.

It is also Universal Human Beings Week. A week to be kind to our fellow humans. A time to show goodwill and friendship. Not a time to try to bring others down. A time to be supportive.

And March 1st is World Compliment Day so give somebody a heartfelt, sincere compliment today.

Today is also Pig Day. Not sure if you should love a pig, eat like a pig or enjoy some bacon, but whatever, just know that to day is Pig Day.

Today is also Plan a Solo Vacation Day. OOkkkkkkaaaaayyyyy. Not sure why you would want a solo vacation. I love to get away and there are times when I would love to just go off somewhere by myself. But when I get there, I would be lonely and would be thinking of all the wonderful things I would enjoy doing if I wasn't flying solo. Nope, I'll just plan a Duo Vacation Day for me and hubby.

World Book Day. Now here is a holiday I can get into. Do you think I should take the day off and read all day? Or should I head to the local book exchange and trade in some of my books to get some new ones?

But my absolute most favorite day in March is St. Patrick's Day, March 17th. That is the day I was blessed with my very first grandson, Christian Garret. That precious little baby will become a teenager this year. Where have the years gone.

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Rachel said...

The tree looks like a Bradford Pear. I love that picture of Garret.